All Systems Ready for Electrification

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With an extraordinary project, ZF demonstrates its unique electrification know-how for a wide variety of vehicle types.
December 27, 2018
What a stage for the stars of ZF! At 2356 meters by 45 meters, their dimensions are truly impressive. The stage is the runway of an airport. To make the corporate statement "ZF electrifies everything" visible, a wide variety of vehicles electrified with ZF systems came together here - from a tiny electric scooter to a 40-ton truck with trailer.

Sit back, enjoy opulent film images, and get an impression of ZF's know-how about electrification in just 100 seconds.
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ZF products for e-mobility

ZF supplies drives for passenger cars, trucks and buses as highly efficient system solutions, among them hybrid systems, electric motors and power electronics.

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